Thursday, June 07, 2007

Balls Mahoney


Keep a look out for an Axl Rotten flying dropkick.


Flaming tables match from N2R 2000. Really good brawl.


Dudleys vs FBI vs Ball and Axl vs Gangstanators


Really good garbage match.


Smothers and Guido are a super underrated team. Ball and xl are surprisingly good at traditional tag matches.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Mikey vs Kidman
We discussed this match and Mikeys WCW tenure last night. A few things about the match.
1. It was Mikey's debut in WCW. So hardly anybody knew who he was.
2. Mikey was working heel.
3. Its pretty clear this is the first time Mikey and Kidman wrestled.
So at first the match is a bit awkward. But its give a good chunk of time. So Mikey and Kidman figure out how to work with each other, while Mikey figures out how to be a heel. They play off the fact Mikey is a jobber. By having Kidman almost hitting the SSP a few times. WHICh the crowd gets geared up to see. But at the last second Miket avoids it. By the end the fans are buying Mikey's near falls. Because he has survived so much already.
Really developed into a good match.

Shane Douglas vs Mikey Whipwreck Hrdcore Heaven 96

This match came about from when Shane trashed Mikey a few shows back. Its worked with Shane treating Mikey like a jobber. Which makes sense, with Shane was in the WWF when Mikey won the World title.
Mikey out wrestles for the start of the match. So Shane has to start taking cheapshots to get the advantage. So Mikey starts doing high risk stuff to take it to Douglas. The match is back n forth after that. With Shane getting the win with he belly to belly. Really good and underrated match.