Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sting vs Samoa Joe

I've been interested in seeing this for awhile. I remember catching parts of the build up and thinking it was good. Even if it was TNA.

The match takes place in Chicago and the crowd is really hot for this. The story is Sting has played hero one time too many and Joe has his number. Joe kicks Sting's ass for the entire match. At one point Joe does a flying dropkick over the balcony andf it looks crazy. Sting leaps off a row of chairs onto Joe.

The crowd brawling is not much. Too much dragging in a headlock and not enough brawling. But once they get in the ring it really picks up. against better judgment I get invested in the match. I wonder how sting can beat Joe when nothing has worked.

Eventually Sting hulks up. Which Sting does better than anybody. Joe's reaction was right for him. He looks scared for a second then goes back on the attack. Sting has the advantage until Joe takes him down again.

Being TNA we have to have a runin and Kevin Nash walks to the ring. Sting is desperate now and grabs the bat. Nash takes it away from him, saying he needs to beat Joe alone. Okay that added to the drama. Then seconds later Nash hits Joe with the bat and sting hits the Deathdrop for three.

I don't know who this finish helped. It made Sting look like shit for slipping on a banana peel to win and joe looked bad going down so fast after dominating. I understand the need to get the Main Event Mafia angle going. But there were far better ways to do it.

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